Fiera and the Gobelins is a tale of a young girl from the old days of Hynia, who stumbles into a cave to take shelter from a thunderstorm, and encounters gobelins, who attempt to trick her into remaining there so they can devour her. There is a hallucinatory gas in the shallow breeze of the cave that transforms, in her eyes, victims of the gobelins into piles of rubies. Although she is at first entranced like so many before, she is brought out of it by the appearance of a crazed old man; starved, having stumbled around the caves for years. She attempts to convince him to escape with her, but he refuses and attacks her. Fleeing him (as a crazed old man has unnatural strength), she hides in a hole in the wall, holding her cardigan to her mouth to filter the air and thinks. Fiera is clever, and she realises that the jewels are gobelin, and that a terrible curse has been placed upon them: if you have cast your gaze upon them but do not have them, nothing in the world will compare to their beauty. You will no longer be able to fall in love, as the one of your affections is deemed coarse in comparison. You will never yearn for anything else, and your desire will keep you alive long enough to drive you mad. Although she is able to escape, she carves her own eyes out so she is never tempted to return, and writes a message in her blood at the cave entrance to ward off unsuspecting visitors. She decides that the creatures that lived in the caves were pure evil, and that you never truly end evil.