Dolls - Rone
Just Like You - Chromatics
Falling Stars (feat. Gavin Clark) - UNKLE
Diamond Star - SQÃœRL
Absence - Slow Meadow
Elena's Sound-World - Sinoia Caves
Underwater - Johnny Jewel
Alice - Cocteau Twins
Blinding - Florence + The Machine
...And the Forest Began to Sing - Röyksopp
Stay With Me - Clint Mansell
A Chronicle of Early Failures - Part 1 - The Dead Texan
Lyra (feat. Mimu) - Clara Moto
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Live At Manchester Opera House - Gorillaz
My Double Edged Sword - Clara Moto
In D#4 (Manvoy de Saint Sadrill Remix) - Arandel
Time Is Unity - Éric Serra
Flashbacks - Radio Edit - Emika
Lab Practicum - Valve
Tick of the Clock - Chromatics 
Yes (Symmetry Remix) - Chromatics 
Realise It's Not The Sun - Hooray For Earth